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An Evening With Holly Madison Online Slot Game

An Evening With Holly Madison is an online slot game created by NYX. It features, as the name suggests, the television personality of Holly Madison, known mostly for being married to Hugh Hefner. And if you don’t know who Hugh Hefner is, you probably never paid attention to the controversy of the Playboy era.

The slot game An Evening With Holly Madison prominently features the lady herself, who makes an appearance on the reels, in the mini-games, and anywhere else her face could be slotted in. The graphics of the game are good, and all images are high resolution and clearly visible. The sound design, however, is nothing to write home about, and hearing the voice of Holly welcome the player is about as advanced as it gets. In all honesty, however, few are likely playing this game to be blown away by sensual music. In terms of game play An Evening With Holly Madison features a relatively standard five reel play system, but does not allow the player to adjust the betting lines in any way, which is disappointing.

Symbols And Graphics

As has already been said, the lady who gave her name to make this online slot possible features prominently in the game symbols. She acts as the wild symbol, blowing a kiss to the camera, as well as in a number of other picture symbols, each with a different sultry pose. The other symbols in the game seem to be reflecting a life of riches and material luxury, including a fast car, glittering high heels, a diamond encrusted masquerade mask, and more.

Holly is, of course, the most valuable symbol in the game, and will payout handsomely if matched the maximum of five times. The least valuable symbols are the traditional playing card symbols, including the diamonds, hearts, spades and clubs symbols. These have been pleasantly stylised to fit with the theme of the game. In order ot really rake in the cash, however, the player must aim to trigger the mini-game at this real money slots machine.

Bonus Mini-Game

In an Evening With Holly Madison the scatter symbol is represented by a bright lollipop accompanied by the word Holly. If this symbol is matched three times a mini-game will be triggered, referred to as the Photo Shoot game. In this mini-game the player must first select an outfit for Holly, after which they must select a symbol from those given. This sequence is made to appear as a photo shoot, with Holly striking many sexy poses.

The player may keep selecting symbols and gathering the prizes hidden beneath, with winnings gathering gradually via a counter seen at the top of the screen. If the player selects a hidden booby-prize the game will end and winnings will be paid out. If, however, the player manages to uncover five prizes without hitting a booby prize they will move on to the second level of the photo shoot mini-game. The second level is much the same as the first, but with larger prizes to be uncovered and won.

Ancient Dragon Online Slot Game By Konami

Ancient Dragon, created by Konami, is an online slot game available now for mobile phone, desktop computer and tablet. Konami, of course, is better known for making triple A video games such as the extremely popular Silent Hill series and Metal Gear Solid series. It turns out, however, that the company also makes slot games on the side.

Expectations for an excellent slot game are of course very high, especially when a person sits down to spin reels after getting stuck into a bit of abomination killing in Silent Hill. It must be said, however, that those expecting something mind blowing will be disappointed. Ancient Dragon is a standard experience as far as slot games go, with little to no evidence that a mainstream video game developer is the creator. To be fair, Konami has not made many slot games, and may well be still learning how to do so.

The game features a five reel system, plus the standard Xtra Multiway betting line setup. This means that the player has no control over which lines to bet on, but does benefit from over a hundred potential ways to win. Lets have a closer look at some of the other features

Graphics And Symbols

Ancient Dragon has high resolution graphics, but very bland symbol designs and artwork. This is perhaps the most curious part about the mobile pokies casino game, given that Konami is infamous for creating some of the most interesting and creative monster designs in gaming history. It is wrong, however, to expect a company to bring the same level of creativity to what must be a side project.

Ancient dragon features symbols such as turtles, Japanese style paper fans, fish, and other such things. The traditional ten, jack, queen, king and ace of playing cards are also used, and stand as the least valuable symbols of the game. As is expected, symbols may be matched a minimum of three times, and maximum of five times in order to receive payouts.

Bonus Features And Specials

The most outstanding special feature of Ancient Dragon is the stacked symbols design, which involves certain symbols appearing in sequence on the reels, up to five times. This means that a single symbol may occupy an entire reel, allowing for a number of sequences to be created in a single spin. The other bonus features include a scatter symbol and a wild symbol.

The golden statue is the wild symbol, and may match with any other symbols to create winning sequences, and may also match with itself for massive instant payouts. The scatter symbol is represented by a water lily, and may match only on lines three, four and five. If the scatter symbol matches it will grant a number of free spins, which will play out automatically upon being triggered. All in all Ancient Dragon is an adequate but not especially gripping game by a mainstream developer. Fans of assassinating enemy soldiers as Solid Snake need not apply, lest they be left scratching their heads in confusion. Fans of a decent slot game experience, however, may well find some enjoyment.

Microgaming Space Botz Online Slot Basics

Space Botz is a futuristic Microgaming online slot game filled with high-tech robots and intergalactic scenery. This low variance slot game contains 5 reels and 25 paylines in a standard slot game format, as well as both scatter and wild symbols. The storyline of the game is based on an intergalactic attack on Earth by space robots, and players must defend their home planet from a variety of robots that are determined to dominate the world.

Also offered by the game are bonus features like scatter pays and a Wild Botz free spin feature that can be retriggered. Additionally, all robot symbols become wild during the free spins to create extra winning combinations.

Game Play and Themes

Space Botz is set in an outer-space theme, with a star-filled galaxy serving as the game’s backdrop and a starry theme extending to the reels. The pay table and reels have been designed to appear highly futuristic, and on the reels are a number of imaginative robots and other space-themed visuals such as satellites and atomic icons.

The graphics of Space Botz are highly detailed and colourful and add to the ultramodern atmosphere of the game. Players can also customise their Space Botz game experience by altering the speed of the game’s spins, the sound effects that are played and other display options by selecting ‘Options’ and choosing their preferences.

Reel Symbols

On the reels are playing card symbols 9, 10, J, Q, K and A, all of which have been redesigned to suit the game’s space-age theme. Also featured are 3 unique robots, a space satellite, the game’s logo and a green atomic wild symbol. With the exception of the ‘Space Botz’ logo scatter symbol, 3 of any matching symbols are needed in order for players to be awarded a payout.

Wild Symbol

The green atomic ‘Wild’ symbol is Space Botz’s wild symbol. This symbol can substitute for all other symbols in the game to create winning combinations, with the exception of the logo scatter. The atomic wild symbol is also a paying symbol, and pays a jackpot of 1000 coins when 5 of these symbols land on any active payline.

Additionally, all of the robot reel symbols will transform into wilds during the free spins bonus eCheck casino canada game.

Scatter Symbol

The ‘Space Botz’ logo is the game’s scatter symbol. 3 or more of these logo scatters appearing on the reels will trigger the Wild Botz free spins bonus feature. These scatter symbols will also award players scatter pays when 2 or more of them appear on the reels.

Wild Botz Free Spins Feature

Once the Wild Botz free spins feature has been activated, players will instantly be awarded 5 free spins. During the feature, all of the game’s robot reel symbols will transform into wild symbols, helping to create extra winning combinations.

This feature can also be retriggered by landing 3 or more scatter symbols on the reels during the free spins. If players retrigger the Wild Botz free spins feature, they will be awarded an additional 5 free spins with which to play.