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How Popular Is Gambling Really?

Gambling is one of New Zealand’s most popular pastimes. But how popular is it exactly? Well, almost all New Zealanders have gambled at least once in their lives, and 86% seem to gamble at least once every six months.

However, only 40% engage in gambling activities once a week or more. 40% is still a lot though for such frequent gambling. So we can safely say playing gambling games is popular in New Zealand!

Which Games Lead The Game?

However, some forms of gambling are a lot more popular than others in New Zealand. The Lotto is most popular by a long way, followed by betting on other lotteries and raffles, Instant Kiwi scratch cards, betting on horse or dog races, and gaming machines outside of casinos. Gambling at casinos is a lot less popular than other forms of gambling at New Zealand. However, in comparison, online casinos are highly popular.

In addition, although the Lotto is still the most popular, its popularity is waning. Demand for lottery products decreased a massive 9.2% from 2015 to 2016. In addition, young people aged 18-24 prefer scratch cards, money bets with friends and gaming machines to the Lotto. So we can expect that as time goes on, types of gambling other than lotteries will rise in popularity and the Lotto’s popularity will wane.

Gambling Popularity Over Time

Over the last few decades, experts have observed a gradual decrease in gambling activities by New Zealanders, going down by nearly 20% between 2002 and 2012. However, in just the last couple of years, evidence suggests that it may be on the rise again, as in 2015 New Zealanders spent 1.2% more money on gambling than they did the previous year. However, only time will tell whether this will translate into a significant trend over time of an increase in gambling popularity. We cannot be certain what the future will hold.

The Rise Of Online Casinos

One form of gambling we can expect to grow in popularity in the next few years is online slots NZ casinos. Online casinos tend to offer all the same kinds of activities as real casinos, but you can participate from the comfort of your own home, from any device that can access the internet, and at any time. Plus, you actually save money, because you don’t spend any on transport, hotel costs, parking and other amenities.

You don’t even have to play for real money if you don’t want to – but you can win fast. As the Internet takes over more and more activities that used to be done offline, and as Internet-savvy youngsters grow up, we can only assume that online casinos will become more and more popular. But whatever your game of choice is and whatever the exact popularity trends, gambling in New Zealand is not going anywhere anytime soon.

Free Spins Bingo And Slots Offers

Both bingo and slots are easy to play and offer light-hearted entertainment. In land-based games halls and casinos, these games are usually played in a very sociable atmosphere, so it is only natural that many online bingo rooms include slots among their games.

As with online casinos, one of the major draw cards of online bingo rooms are the various player bonuses they offer. These come in different forms, and may be solely for bingo or slots, or, in the case of free spins bingo bonuses, for a combination of the two.

The idea behind most of them is that they allow players to enjoy a number of games for free, without requiring financial commitment from players. Players may occasionally find alternative offers.

No Deposit Free Spins Bingo

While the bulk of online free spins bingo offers are No Deposit bonuses, players may also find Deposit Match bonuses with a twist.

In the case of No Deposit bonuses, players do not need to make a real money deposit before they can claim the bonus. As these are often welcome offers for new players, signing up at the site or opening a guest account may be required. The site will then give players an amount of money they can use to play bingo, and a number of free spins they can use to play a selection of slots.

Alternative Free Spins Bingo Offers

Very occasionally players may come across a Deposit Match free spins bingo offer that gives players not only a percentage match of their deposit amount in bonus money, but a number of free spins as well.

Players may also find that free real money slots Philippines are one of the attractions at some online bingo rooms. No doubt it is understood that not every player is able to or wants to play with real money. Another alternative are trial games that players, whether signed-up members or not, can play at no cost to see whether they would like to play with real money.

Selection of Online Slots

Many of the online slots that can be played with free spins bingo bonuses are none other than some of the most popular slots found at online casinos powered by leading software developers.

Just as various types of slots are found at online casinos, so online bingo rooms also offer a range of games. These often include classic slots with three or five reels, and pub-style fruit machines with three reels and traditional symbols such as stars, cherries, and watermelons.

Also included are video slots that combine the familiar action of the reels with interactive elements, animated sequences, and various bonus features. Some sites may even include progressive slots among their offerings.

Graphics and Sound

The best slots that can be played with free spins bingo offers are found at those sites powered by respected and award-winning software developers.

This is an assurance of quality, as it means players can expect brilliant graphics, animations and special effects, superb sound, and easily navigable interfaces.