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Spiderman Online Slots from Cryptologic

Spiderman is an online video slot with 5 reels and 25 paylines.  This slot game is based on the superhero Spiderman from the Marvel comic books and is one of the most popular superheroes of all time.  Spiderman has been seen in many movies, comic strips and TV series.   Peter Parker aka Spiderman was bitten by a spider and has superhuman strength with the intellect of a genius and has the ability to shoot webs from his wrists and stick to any kind of surface.

The highest paying standard symbol is Venom who is Spiderman’s enemy and has a payout of 5000 coins for 5.  Mary Jane Watson, Spiderman’s girlfriend is the next highest payout of 1000 coins for 5.  The newspaper and camera will each payout 500 coins for 5.  The lower value symbols are the playing cards Ace, King, Queen, Jack, Ten and Nine and have payouts ranging from 250 coins to 100 coins for 5 appearing on the paylines.

The wild symbol is Spiderman and he will only appear on reels 2 and 4 and has the ability to substitute for all of the symbols except for the scatter and create winning combinations.  The scatter symbol is the Spiderman logo and offers a payout of 100 coins for 5.

Spiderweb Feature

The Spiderweb feature is activated by the wild symbol appearing on reel 2 and 4 and will transform all the symbols on the 3rd reel into wild symbols.  This could result in good wins, as players will have wilds on reel 2 as well as reel 3.

Spiderman Bonus Games

The Spiderman feature is comprised of 2 bonus games that are activated when 3 or more of the scatters appear in any position on the reels.  Players will be given a choice and can either choose the free spins option or the Venom feature.

Free Spins

For players who choose the free spins they will receive 15 free spins and all of the wins will be multiplied by 2.  This feature cannot be reactivated.  All of the wins from the free spins will be added to the scatter and payline wins.

Venom Feature

During the Venom feature Spiderman must chase Venom in order to save Mary Jane.  Players must guide Spiderman through the streets of the city. While chasing Venom Spiderman will either find Venom, stumble on a crime scene or reach a dead-end.

If Spiderman finds Venom a fight will ensue between them and if he wins and rescues Mary Jane a prize is rewarded.  If Spiderman loses the fight players are given a consolation prize and the game will end. If Spiderman finds a crime scene he will catch the perpetrator and players will receive a random prize.  The game will come to an end if Spiderman comes to a dead-end and players will receive a consolation prize.  All of the wins during this game are multiplied by the triggering bet.

Marvel Progressive Jackpot

The Marvel sots from Cryptologic are all connected to a progressive jackpot network and the totals of these jackpots can be seen in the top left corner of the screen.  All players who play Spiderman will have the chance to win the jackpot, but the more they bet the better their chance of winning.

Spiderman has well designed graphics that add to the overall entertainment of the game and players get to choose which bonus game to play and have the opportunity to win the Marvel Jackpot.

King Kong

All About King Kong Online Slots Game

Cryptologic’s online slot is based on the film King Kong first released in 1933 and has been remade twice in 1976 and again in 2005.  The film tells the story of a giant ape, Kong, who falls in love with a beautiful woman.

King Kong has 5 reels and 25 paylines and is set against the New York City skyline.  A dramatic soundtrack plays in the background.  The symbols featured are taken from the film and include the 2 main characters, the man and woman, the dinosaur and plane, the ship and the crab, the movie camera and skull and the handcuffs and movie tickets.  To view the payouts for these symbols players can click on the paytable or information button.

King Kong is the wild symbol and will appear on reels 2, 3 and 4 and will substitute for all of the symbols except for the scatters to create winning combinations.  The scatter symbol is the King Kong logo and has a payout of 2500 coins for 5, 375 coins for 4, 100 coins for 3 and 25 coins for 2.

King Kong Goes Ape

The King Kong goes Ape bonus feature is activated when the wild symbol appears on reel 3.  All of the positions on the reel will become wild.  King Kong will expand across the reels as he tries to climb out of the screen.  While this is happening, more wild symbols will appear on reel 2 and 4 after which the payouts are calculated and paid out.  This feature cannot be activated during the free spins round.

King Kong Smash Feature

The King Kong Smash feature is activated when 3 or more scatter symbols appear from left to right.  During this round players must attempt to hit passing planes.  If players miss 3 times the amount of planes that are hit will be given to players in the form of free spins.  Players can win up to a maximum of 150 free spins.

If players can hit 1 plane they will receive 15 free spins, 2 planes are 25 free spins, 3 planes are 50 free spins, 4 planes are 75 free spins, 5 planes are 100 free spins and 6 planes will reward players with 150 free spins.  Players will be given the option of swapping the free spins option for a mystery prize.  If players choose the free spins option all their wins will be doubled.

Gamble Option

When there is a win on the reels players will be given the option to gamble.  Here players can try to correctly guess the colour or suit of the face down playing card.  For correctly guessing the colour of the card, players can double their win and for correctly guessing the suit of the card they can quadruple their win.  Guessing incorrectly however will mean that players will lose what they have just won.

Autoplay Function

King Kong has an autoplay option that players can activate if they would like to spin the reels continuously for a certain amount of uninterrupted spins.  They can choose to spin 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 50 or 100 times.  To stop this option players can click the stop spin button.

For King Kong fans this game is a must play and it offers good wins in the way of free spins and expanding wilds and the added chance to win with the gamble option.


An Evening With Holly Madison

An Evening With Holly Madison

An Evening With Holly Madison is an online slot game created by NYX. It features, as the name suggests, the television personality of Holly Madison, known mostly for being married to Hugh Hefner. And if you don’t know who Hugh Hefner is, you probably never paid attention to the controversy of the Playboy era.

The slot game An Evening With Holly Madison prominently features the lady herself, who makes an appearance on the reels, in the mini-games, and anywhere else her face could be slotted in. The graphics of the game are good, and all images are high resolution and clearly visible. The sound design, however, is nothing to write home about, and hearing the voice of Holly welcome the player is about as advanced as it gets. In all honesty, however, few are likely playing this game to be blown away by sensual music. In terms of game play An Evening With Holly Madison features a relatively standard five reel play system, but does not allow the player to adjust the betting lines in any way, which is disappointing.

Symbols And Graphics

As has already been said, the lady who gave her name to make this online slot possible features prominently in the game symbols. She acts as the wild symbol, blowing a kiss to the camera, as well as in a number of other picture symbols, each with a different sultry pose. The other symbols in the game seem to be reflecting a life of riches and material luxury, including a fast car, glittering high heels, a diamond encrusted masquerade mask, and more.

Holly is, of course, the most valuable symbol in the game, and will payout handsomely if matched the maximum of five times. The least valuable symbols are the traditional playing card symbols, including the diamonds, hearts, spades and clubs symbols. These have been pleasantly stylised to fit with the theme of the game. In order ot really rake in the cash, however, the player must aim to trigger the mini-game at this real money slots machine.

Bonus Mini-Game

In an Evening With Holly Madison the scatter symbol is represented by a bright lollipop accompanied by the word Holly. If this symbol is matched three times a mini-game will be triggered, referred to as the Photo Shoot game. In this mini-game the player must first select an outfit for Holly, after which they must select a symbol from those given. This sequence is made to appear as a photo shoot, with Holly striking many sexy poses.

The player may keep selecting symbols and gathering the prizes hidden beneath, with winnings gathering gradually via a counter seen at the top of the screen. If the player selects a hidden booby-prize the game will end and winnings will be paid out. If, however, the player manages to uncover five prizes without hitting a booby prize they will move on to the second level of the photo shoot mini-game. The second level is much the same as the first, but with larger prizes to be uncovered and won.

Andre the Giant

The Andre The Giant Slot Game

Andre the Giant is a slot game featuring the wrestling personality, most well known for his enormous size, robust personality and love of his fans. The game, although dated in comparison to more modern games, is still a fun and interesting experience, featuring decent graphics and an excellent mini game.

In terms of game play it features a standard five reel twenty five line system, but with the added benefit of players being allowed to select their play lines. This allows for advanced strategic play, and is certain to appeal to slot game veterans who are after a more in depth experience. Andre the Giant is available now for desktop computer, laptop, tablet and mobile phone. Please remember that if playing on desktop computer, the latest Flash software must be installed.

Symbols And Standard Play

In terms of standard play Andre the Giant goes a long way to avoiding the clichés, with much effort put into creating icons that are unique and recognisable. It is one of the few games that does not fall back on the traditional jack, queen, king symbols, that are more then used to death in most games. Instead players will be matching masked lucho libre wrestlers, folding chairs, wrestling boots, wrestling masks, referees, show tickets, and much more.

Andre the Giant himself also makes an appearance, of course, and his arrival is one players will surely be celebrating. But this will be discussed in the next section. The masked wrestler is the most valuable symbol in the game, offering a huge instant cash prize if matched a total of five times. The least valuable symbols in the game are the hotdogs, show tickets and other less impressive objects, giving only minor payments, even if matching five times. It is the wrestling, however, that brought players to the game, and that is where the real cash can be found.

Bonus Mini-Game Action

Andre the Giant acts as the games wild symbol, and each time the symbol is used the occasion is masked by Andre animating and kicking the living daylights out of the player. It is a nice touch, and clearly one that involved professional animators. This, however, is not the most impressive part of the USA gambling online game. If that scatter symbols are matched the Fight Night mini-game will trigger, which opens a second screen.

The player is required to make as many quick matches as they can in the play area, with special wrestling move symbols added. Every wrestling symbol matched will be added to a list, which comes into play afterwards. After the bonus spins are finished the fight begins, with Andre the Giant using all the wrestling moves the player managed to gather. The animation for this sequence is a delight, and sure to get a few cheers from fans of professional wrestling. Plus, if a total of three wrestling moves are used, Andre will automatically use a spectacular finishing move. This is not only a great deal of fun, but will also result in the player receiving an added bonus jackpot.

Ancient Dragon by Konami

Ancient Dragon By Konami

Ancient Dragon, created by Konami, is an online slot game available now for mobile phone, desktop computer and tablet. Konami, of course, is better known for making triple A video games such as the extremely popular Silent Hill series and Metal Gear Solid series. It turns out, however, that the company also makes slot games on the side.

Expectations for an excellent slot game are of course very high, especially when a person sits down to spin reels after getting stuck into a bit of abomination killing in Silent Hill. It must be said, however, that those expecting something mind blowing will be disappointed. Ancient Dragon is a standard experience as far as slot games go, with little to no evidence that a mainstream video game developer is the creator. To be fair, Konami has not made many slot games, and may well be still learning how to do so.

The game features a five reel system, plus the standard Xtra Multiway betting line setup. This means that the player has no control over which lines to bet on, but does benefit from over a hundred potential ways to win. Lets have a closer look at some of the other features

Graphics And Symbols

Ancient Dragon has high resolution graphics, but very bland symbol designs and artwork. This is perhaps the most curious part about the mobile pokies casino game, given that Konami is infamous for creating some of the most interesting and creative monster designs in gaming history. It is wrong, however, to expect a company to bring the same level of creativity to what must be a side project.

Ancient dragon features symbols such as turtles, Japanese style paper fans, fish, and other such things. The traditional ten, jack, queen, king and ace of playing cards are also used, and stand as the least valuable symbols of the game. As is expected, symbols may be matched a minimum of three times, and maximum of five times in order to receive payouts.

Bonus Features And Specials

The most outstanding special feature of Ancient Dragon is the stacked symbols design, which involves certain symbols appearing in sequence on the reels, up to five times. This means that a single symbol may occupy an entire reel, allowing for a number of sequences to be created in a single spin. The other bonus features include a scatter symbol and a wild symbol.

The golden statue is the wild symbol, and may match with any other symbols to create winning sequences, and may also match with itself for massive instant payouts. The scatter symbol is represented by a water lily, and may match only on lines three, four and five. If the scatter symbol matches it will grant a number of free spins, which will play out automatically upon being triggered. All in all Ancient Dragon is an adequate but not especially gripping game by a mainstream developer. Fans of assassinating enemy soldiers as Solid Snake need not apply, lest they be left scratching their heads in confusion. Fans of a decent slot game experience, however, may well find some enjoyment.

Amusement City Casino in Ireland

Amusement City Casino In Ireland

Amusement City Casino in Ireland is a state of the art hotel and casino establishment. It is most well known for being an almost entirely electronic based gambling facility, using touch screen technology and advanced networking systems for the majority of its games. Even the roulette wheels require no interaction from casino staff, operating entirely by themselves from the moment customers sit at the table.

This amazing and innovative system blends well with the establishment’s sleek, ultra-modern décor and design, creating an atmosphere straight out of a science fiction novel set a hundred yeas into the future. Guests will also be treated to first class service at the various cafes and restaurants, which, it should be noted, are some of the few facilities in the casino not completely automated. Food cannot deliver itself to a table, after all. Amusement City Casino in Ireland is open now and ready to accept guests. Be sure to make reservations via the casino website, which operates twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.

Award Winning Electronic Wonderland

Amusement City Casino in Ireland has received multiple awards for its incredible automated design, with many guests visiting simply to witness what is considered to be a groundbreaking achievement. True, some casino game players enjoy a bit of chatting with human croupiers, but Amusement City is focused instead on delivering the most cutting edge casino experience it can, which means out with the humans, in with the computers.

The casino floor and cafes are also alive with numerous large screen plasma televisions, which may have their channels changed by casino guests as they fit. This means that from sports, to live betting, to the five o’clock news, whatever guests want to see the televisions will show.

Luxury Meets Excellence

But it’s not just the electronic innovations that make Amusement City Casino in Ireland a unique establishment. The selections offered at the local cafes and restaurants are made up of some of the finest gourmet dishes in the world, including a full range of exquisite coffees, teas, and wines. Best of all, guests do not even have to abandon their game to enjoy fine dining. Many of the gambling tables are designed so that a guest may enjoy a light meal while continuing their game.

Membership Perks

Amusement City Casino in Ireland treats all its guests like royalty, but that doesn’t mean that special perks are not available for casino members. The loyalty program, available to join via the link on the website, provides plenty of reason to keep visiting again and again. The exclusive VIP lounge will become available, as well as bonuses, special promotional deals, and plenty of other added extras. Please keep in mind that valid proof of identification will be required to finalise the membership process. Also keep in mind that VIP membership is required to be renewed on a yearly basis, but proof of identification is required only upon initially joining. For more information please contact the customer support centre via telephone or email.

365BetBit Casino

A Quick Look At 365BetBit Casino

Ever since 2014, 365BetBit Casino has been offering players a no-fuss online casino experience. With a humble yet sufficient selection of games on offer, the online casino provides players with just what they need to enjoy playing their favourite games – nothing more and nothing less. Being an online casino, 365BetBit Casino already offers players all the convenience of being able to access the games they want from the comfort of their mobile phones, computers or tablet devices. Below, you will find a summary of what to expect from this fairly new, but well established, online casino.

Games From A Number Of Developers

365BetBit Casino offers players games from a few top casino game developers. These developers number amongst the industry’s best, with games from giants like Greentube, Aristocrat Online and Rival Software on offer, players can expect a certain level of quality when playing. The games on offer include the likes of blackjack, roulette, poker and of course, a wide variety of video slots games. When it comes to licensing and credentials, the site has been verified by the TST and has a license for online gaming operations from the Government of Curacao.

Sign Up Bonus

Because of the competitive nature of the online casino industry, it seems only natural that 365BetBit Casino offers players a sign up bonus when they join. It is not unheard of for casinos to offer players a bonus when signing up, as it motivates those who have not yet registered on the casino’s site to sign up and try it out, thus leading to a wider audience and in turn, a higher chance of players returning to the site.

Banking And Security

365BetBit Casino is unique in the fact that all monetary transactions on the website are paid in bitcoins. Payments are usually instant, but can take up to about half an hour to process if it’s a fairly large amount. Withdrawals, on the other hand, are immediate. All players’ funds are protected by stringent security measures, including encryption, which makes details virtually unreadable.

Technical Support

Should players encounter any difficulty while enjoying a game on 365BetBit Casino, help is always at hand. There is an active technical support desk available should  Australian online pokies players need any help. This support desk can be contacted via email, or on the technical support live chat. Trained consultants are on the other hand to help players sort out any issues as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

A Bitcoin Casino

If you are absolutely comfortable with using bitcoins as currency, the 365BetBit Casino is the ideal online playground for you. While the casino tends to stick to a simple, no-fuss attitude, there is still a nice selection of games for players to choose from.

While this casino has not been around for very long, it still has a good grasp of what it is that players want from an online casino playing experience. It makes for a good hub of entertainment for enthusiasts of the online casino industry.

PAF Casino, Lands

PAF Casino Lands Online Gambling Website

PAF was originally launched on Finland’s Aland Islands in 1966 as a small entertainment company with casinos located on cruise ships that travelled the Baltic Sea.

The Company’s online gambling venue, the PAF Casino Lands website, was launched early in the era of eGaming in 1999 and now offers slots, casino games, bingo, poker, lotteries, and betting to players from Sweden to South Africa and beyond.

Games by Various Software Developers

PAF Casino Lands have an extensive array of casino games and slots by numerous top online gaming software developers, including Net Entertainment, Microgaming, Evolution Gaming, Ongame, and even PAF itself.

Table games on offer at PAF Casino Lands include roulette, red dog and red dog progressive, blackjack, and baccarat, among others. Live casino games enable players to interact with actual dealers via streaming real-time video.

The PAF Casino Lands slots options are just as comprehensive and include video slots, classic three-reel virtual machines, video poker, and the latest video slot titles.  Some of the biggest attractions on the site include Thunderstruck II, Jack and the Beanstalk, Immortal Romance, Secret of the Stones, Silent Run, Robin Hood: Shifting Riches, and Hall of the Gods, to name but a few.

Lotteries and Bingo at PAF Casino Lands

In addition to its slots and table games, PAF Casino Lands offers a large number of bingo, scratch and lottery games for players to enjoy. Options include Bingo Triple, Bingo, Power Keno, Hi-Lo Hunter, Pick 3, Funky Monkey, 7 Gold Scratch, Ace, Lucky Double, Triple Wins Star Secret, and Triple Wins.

PAF Casino Lands Betting Markets

Although, at present, PAF Casino Lands only offers odds on major sports like ice hockey and football and does not offer live betting, it does accept wagers on several e-sports

PAF Casino Lands via Mobile

There are currently only 12 games available via the PAF Casino Lands mobile platform and they are among the most popular mobile casino games developed specifically for mobile by Microgaming Go and NetEnt Touch. There are nine mobile slots on the site, as well as two table games and one poker option.

PAF Casino Lands Jackpots and Bonuses

PAF Casino Lands offer the standard 100% match bonus – up to a set maximum amount – to double the first deposit of each new player. As per industry standard, players can withdraw these bonuses once they have met the site’s fairly reasonable wagering requirements.

The site is also recognised by Guinness World Records as having paid out the world’s largest ever online slots jackpot – 17 million Euros, which was won on Mega Fortune in 2013.

In addition to its games and betting markets, PAF Casino Lands gives its players the chance to win via frequent promotional competitions with prizes including tablet computers and cameras.

PAF Casino Lands Transaction Security

PAF Casino Lands is exclusively licensed and controlled by the Aland government. In order to protect players’ privacy, all transactions on PAF Casino Lands are encrypted via cutting-edge SSL software and third-party payment options are used as buffers between the site and players.

Players may also make deposits and withdrawals via wire transfer and credit and debit cards and the available currencies are Euros, British pounds sterling and Swedish kronor.

Customers can lodge any queries or complaints via toll-free telephone or email between 7am and 10pm. PAF Casino Lands unfortunately does not offer a live chat support facility at this point.

PAF Casino Lands Charity Work

Notably, in 2014, PAF was recognised as the Web’s most socially responsible gaming company by the eGaming Review Operator Awards.

Quick Hit Pro

Quick Hit Pro Slot

The Bally group is a respected presence in gambling, through its land-based Bally’s Hotel and Casino is Las Vegas and through its online casino games developed by Bally Technologies. Many of the digital games created by the company are well-executed versions of their real-life entertainments, giving them an authentic feel and affording players really immersive experiences. This is especially true of the popular Quick Hit series of Slot machines. These began on land with the original Quick Hit game, which was soon so popular that an entire series of titles was created. Today they can be played online as well, with Quick Hit Pro being a favourite.

Layout and Design

Like the other games in the series, Quick Hit Pro creates new Video Slot-style action using a base of classic graphics and design. The 5 reels of the game are set against a blue background that is eye-catching but simple enough to avoid being distraction. The icons include traditional Playing card Symbols, Cherries and Bells, as well as the game logo, which has become a tradition in all Quick Hit entertainments.

Quick Hit Pro Basics

The 5 reels of the game support 40 potential paylines, all with a theoretical RTP of 94%. It’s also possible to spin the reels for free, which new players wishing to practice and seasoned purists wishing to relax will appreciate. For players who want to maximise their winning potential in minimal time, the game has an AutoPlay feature which can be activated. This keeps the reels turning automatically as players carry on with the rest of their busy daily lives, so that they don’t miss out on any possible payouts. The betting range on each activated payline is 0.01 to 10, making a betting range of 0.01 to 400 which should allow almost every player to spin the Quick Hit Pro reels. All payouts ae detailed in the Regular Payout Table, and the special features below deliver more action and wins.

Special Symbols and Features

The Wild Symbol in Quick Hit Pro can stand in for any of the regular reel icons mentioned above to complete winning combinations when it appears on an activated payline, and can also be stacked so that it takes over an entire reel and creates more winning opportunities. The game logo is the Scatter Symbol, which the Wild can’t substitute for. This can also appear stacked and can be scattered in any position across the reels. When 4 or more are seen anywhere at the same time, they trigger payouts ranging from 1,000 to 5,000 times the total stake.

The other symbol that the Wild can’t stand in for is the Free Spins icon, which appears on Reels 2, 3 and 4 only. If it is seen on each of these reels simultaneously, the Prochinko Free Spins round that grants players 15 free turns is triggered.

A Final Flourish

To round off the action in the pokies online game, players can collect Pearls during the Free Spins Round. These are collected with a special counter and award Multipliers from 1 to 5, which are calculated at the end of the Free Spins. This is a unique feature in the Quick Hit line, and adds an extra layer of excitement that makes it the series favourite for many players.

Pontoon Pro

Net Entertainment’s Pontoon Pro Series

The Pontoon Pro Series is an online casino game series created by casino software developer Net Entertainment. The series offers three versions of pontoon, namely Pontoon Pro High Limit, Pontoon Pro Low Limit and the standard variation of Pontoon Pro, all of which are available for play at NetEnt casinos. Net Entertainment’s Pontoon Pro Series is a part of the developer’s Professional Series, a collection of online casino table games that includes pontoon, blackjack, French and European roulette, punto banco, Oasis poker, Texas Hold’em poker and Caribbean Stud poker.

Like the Pontoon Pro series, each of NetEnt’s Professional Series games is available in high limit, low limit and standard limit versions, allowing players to choose how much they wish to wager based on their level of experience, budget requirements and online gambling needs.

The Basic Rules of Pontoon Pro

The game of pontoon can be described as the British equivalent of the prolific casino game of blackjack. These games are similar in structure and rules, with a few differences separating them and making pontoon unique in itself.

The main differences between the two games come in firstly in the terminology used during play, with the usual blackjack terms of ‘stand’ and ‘hit’ becoming ‘stick’ and ‘twist’ in Pontoon Pro, respectively. To ‘double’ in blackjack also becomes to ‘buy’ in Pontoon Pro – however, all of these functions remain the same in both games, with only the names altered.

Differences between Blackjack and Pontoon Pro

Certain rules in blackjack and Pontoon Pro also differ from each other. For example, players of Pontoon Pro cannot stand on any two of their cards as they can in blackjack, because the rules of pontoon state that any player with a hand of 14 points or less must twist. Pontoon Pro permits players to split a pair of Aces twice during the game, and players must hold a hand of 15 points or more in order to stick. The dealer in Pontoon Pro is required to twist when holding 16 points or a soft 17.

Playing Free Pontoon Pro Games

As well as Pontoon Pro High Limit, Pontoon Pro Low Limit and Pontoon Pro, players will also be able to play free versions of these games at most NetEnt casinos. Playing Pontoon Pro for free will allow players to learn more about the rules of pontoon and become familiar with the game’s terminology and strategies before moving on to play any of the Pontoon Pro Series games for real money online.

Pontoon Pro Series Bet Limits

Pontoon Pro Low Limit offers players the lowest range of bet limits out of the three games, allowing players to wager between 0.10 and 5.00 per game. These lower limits make Pontoon Pro Low Limit suitable for beginners and players who wish to become familiar with Pontoon Pro in a relatively low-risk environment, and also for players with any budget requirements. The standard limit version of Pontoon pro offers higher limits, ranging from 1.00 to 40.00 per game, and Pontoon Pro High Limit offers bet limits of between 25.00 and 500.00, offering limits to suit high rollers and players who prefer higher-risk games.