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How Popular Is Gambling Really?

Gambling is one of New Zealand’s most popular pastimes. But how popular is it exactly? Well, almost all New Zealanders have gambled at least once in their lives, and 86% seem to gamble at least once every six months.

However, only 40% engage in gambling activities once a week or more. 40% is still a lot though for such frequent gambling. So we can safely say playing gambling games is popular in New Zealand!

Which Games Lead The Game?

However, some forms of gambling are a lot more popular than others in New Zealand. The Lotto is most popular by a long way, followed by betting on other lotteries and raffles, Instant Kiwi scratch cards, betting on horse or dog races, and gaming machines outside of casinos. Gambling at casinos is a lot less popular than other forms of gambling at New Zealand. However, in comparison, online casinos are highly popular.

In addition, although the Lotto is still the most popular, its popularity is waning. Demand for lottery products decreased a massive 9.2% from 2015 to 2016. In addition, young people aged 18-24 prefer scratch cards, money bets with friends and gaming machines to the Lotto. So we can expect that as time goes on, types of gambling other than lotteries will rise in popularity and the Lotto’s popularity will wane.

Gambling Popularity Over Time

Over the last few decades, experts have observed a gradual decrease in gambling activities by New Zealanders, going down by nearly 20% between 2002 and 2012. However, in just the last couple of years, evidence suggests that it may be on the rise again, as in 2015 New Zealanders spent 1.2% more money on gambling than they did the previous year. However, only time will tell whether this will translate into a significant trend over time of an increase in gambling popularity. We cannot be certain what the future will hold.

The Rise Of Online Casinos

One form of gambling we can expect to grow in popularity in the next few years is online slots NZ casinos. Online casinos tend to offer all the same kinds of activities as real casinos, but you can participate from the comfort of your own home, from any device that can access the internet, and at any time. Plus, you actually save money, because you don’t spend any on transport, hotel costs, parking and other amenities.

You don’t even have to play for real money if you don’t want to – but you can win fast. As the Internet takes over more and more activities that used to be done offline, and as Internet-savvy youngsters grow up, we can only assume that online casinos will become more and more popular. But whatever your game of choice is and whatever the exact popularity trends, gambling in New Zealand is not going anywhere anytime soon.

Valuable Guide To Mobile Phone Billing System Used In Casinos

Mobile casinos allow players to use phone billing system to deposit. You would like to understand the concept of phone billing, why to use it and why casinos provide this option?

About phone billing

Mobile casino Malaysia provide this payment option. It allows players to deposit via SMS or text message. It means you pay the deposit with your phone bill every month. However, if you are a pre-paid user then the amount gets cut from the prepaid credit.

This method was basically designed to pay for transactions with small amounts. Today, all the foremost mobile operators accept phone billing.

Reasons to utilize phone billing

  • Ease & convenience – No need to open an extra account or get redirected through web pages or enter your credit/debit card information. Another convenience is that the deposited cash appears instantly in your gambling account.
  • Security – No need to pass sensitive bank information to a casino, which eliminates the chances getting victimized. Another protection layer the players attain is that mobile network monitors that all contractual terms & conditions are followed by the casinos.
  • Confidence – All the details and costs are displayed clearly, before every purchase. Receipts. Reminders and notifications are conveyed via SMS, so you can spend money confidently.
  • Accessibility – This system is compatible with every kind of mobile devices. This means if you play games using the best iPad casino app, you can make payments using phone billing system.
  • Self control – Users are allowed to play within limits, when they use phone billing. The limits are regulated by phone billing organizers. New users are provided with small deposit limitations, which increase overtime. When you reach the limit, a text message will be sent. This allows you to control your spending and you are in safe hands.

Why mobile casinos provide phone billing option?

Casinos have large annual payouts in millions and they do not desire to risk their status. Phone billing helps them to establish their status as a safe casino to play. They can lose customers and even put them in legal trouble for ignoring the wide regulations that are created to protect the gambling sector.

With this approach more players get attracted. You just need the best iPhone casino app on your device to play as well as pay casino deposits. No need to use online account or credit card.

How Phone billing system works?

The cash flows from your mobile network operator to the casino. This cash flow is administered by UK’s mobile payment scheme called Payforit. It defines how money is handled, how customers receive detailed information about each transaction and what security measure to apply.

Two technological models are used for phone billing payments.

  1. Premium SMS
  2. Direct carrier billing

Step-to-step guide using phone bill to deposit

  • Check your credits or you may get blacklisted, if transactions fail
  • Follow the instructions provided in the deposit section of the mobile casino app or on the gambling website.
  • You get an SMS in a couple of minutes, after the process gets completed successfully.
  • When you play, check the SMS receipts and phone bill to monitor your spending.
  • Prepaid users don’t have to pay but post paid users will have to make phone bill payments monthly.
  • In case, you need refunds, the customer service of the mobile casino will help you to cancel the transaction or withdraw the money.

Never allow anyone to play games on your phone, especially kids. Remember winnings cannot be withdrawn using phone billing system.