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Slot Machines, Poker Machines Or Pokies?

The gambling machines that are called “slot machines” in America and much of the rest of the world have been called “pokies” or “pokie machines” in Australia and New Zealand for as long as anyone can remember. The first of this type of machine was developed in the USA.

It was coin operated, so it was called a “slot machine”. Why then are they called “pokies” on this side of the world? Well, it’s not a large leap to get from “pokies” to “poker” – we can assume they were once called “poker machines”.

This was then abbrieviated to “pokie machines” and then just “pokies”, as happens with so many words down under. “Pokies” just rolls of the tongue much more easily! But why “poker machines” in the first place? After all, one does not exactly play poker on a pokie machine.

It’s Not About Poking!

Although we cannot be entirely sure why New Zealanders and Australians have their own unique term for what are called “slots” or “slot machines” almost everywhere else, there are a number of theories.

Some people (usually those visiting Australia or New Zealand from else where) think that “online pokies NZ” only refer to the machines you have to “poke” to get them to spin. However, almost all pokies today use video screens rather than actual mechanical spinning reels. You may be thinking that the term might have originated because the original mechanical machines did have to be “poked” and the name just stuck. However, we have established that it is much more likely that the word comes from “poker”. You don’t really “poke” mechanical spinning reels anyway. So we can scrap that theory.

Poker Machines for Poker?

A much more likely theory is that the first “pokie machines” in Australia and New Zealand did actually offer poker type games, rather than spinning reel games. Card combinations used in poker had to be produced in order to win. When the games we know today began appearing on similar machines, they were in the same room as the machines that actually did offer poker, and so the term’s meaning widened to include all such machines.

As time went on, the term simply caught on. It’s not hard to see why – it’s fun to say, and has a distinct Australasian flavour. As machines offering poker diminished in popularity, due to the boom in online poker, “pokies” began to refer primarily to slot machines. Of course, today even pokies are offered online! However, it seems this term is here to stay, whether referring to actual pokie machines, or similar games played on the Internet.

Other Slang Terms From Around The World

Although “slot machines” is the most common term for pokies, there are other slang terms for them around the world, that might give “pokies” a run for its money. In England, although the term “slots” is used, you will also hear them referred to as “fruit machines”, and in Scotland, they are frequently called “puggys”. In some places they are occasionally called “one-armed bandits”! However, no other country has a term as iconic and widely used as “pokies”, so New Zealand and Australia seem to be leading the game on this one!

There Is a Wide Variety of Real Money Online Casino Games

Real money online casinos in the United States are safe and secure to play at, and your most important concern is going to be looking for the best selection of games that you can find.

There are thousands of online casinos out there and even players who have played real money online casino games for a while are not sure which would be the best online casino to play at. When you have come to a decision about that, you can begin playing casino games for real money.

The aim of every player is to be able to enjoy the casino experience, and maybe even win some money back. You want all the excitement you are entitled to, as well as excellent customer support from the online casino you have chosen.

The range of real money online casino games that are available to players in the United States these days is absolutely astounding.  Casino games that are played online today have a reputation for the highest quality of game play, and players from all over the world, not only from the United States, are spending more and more of their time enjoying casino play. With some amazing graphics and interactive game play, players will almost forget that real money is involved.

Players will find all their favourites at these online casino sites, including Blackjack, Baccarat, different forms of roulette, and several variants of poker. All the online casinos now also offer a huge choice of the ever popular slots games. The games can also be played in different versions, with some playable as downloadable apps and others based purely online. The latter choice may give you quicker and more variable games but they are not always as smooth to play or have the high quality that downloadable games do.

Place Your Bets and Hope for Wins

Playing real money online casino games gives players all over the world lots of fun and entertainment. All a player needs to do is to place your real money mobile slots bets, spin the reels and hope that you win. These days so many casino games offer such huge jackpots that there are so many opportunities to strike it rich.

The chance to play real money online casino games has never been as easy as it is now. The present range of slot games, for instance, not only offers players an extremely wide choice of fascinating themes based on movies or comic books, or adventure and historical figures, but also the latest technology in the graphics and music used. Most slot games these days use realistic 3D graphics and amusing animations, as well as a wide array of bonus games, free spins and various other promotions that can greatly increase your real money profits. Modern Slots games are also among the real money online casino games that offer the latest money making incentive, a progressive jackpot.

Mobile Games Also Profitable

Real money online casino games can also be played on any mobile device, either smart phone or tablet, for the same prizes that are offered for online games. Everyone nowadays owns a mobile phone, and can use the internet, so gaming for real money is becoming easier and more popular all the time.

When you are ready to play real money online casino games, you want the experience to be lots of fun and entertaining. You are playing with your money, so you are entitled to expect trust safety and security from the online casino you choose, as well as the thrill of gambling.

The Best Real Money Online Casino in the USA

Casino comparison sites make it their business to supply interested players from the United States of America with the best real money online casino fit for their individual playing styles and preferences.

These ratings and reviews are compiled by applying a wide variety of strict criteria to ensure that proper standards are met and the online casinos make the grade, and players can be sure that there is far more involved than just being willing to accept players from the USA.

Top Features for Real Money Online Casino Options

In order for a real money online casino catering for players from the United States of America to make it on to a list of recommended places to play by a good casino comparison site, a number of different features will have been checked and need to be in place. These include:

  • Good welcome bonuses, so that US players are able to relax in the certainty that they are getting the very best bonus around when they decide to sign up and play at a rated and reviewed real money online casino
  • A great game variety that allows players from the United States of America to make a selection from a wide scope of top casino games that include roulette; blackjack; and slots options, among many others
  • An excellent standard of customer support, so that players are able to relax in the knowledge that they will be able to receive the help they may require as and when they need it, 24 hours a day; seven days a week; 365 days a year
  • Regular promotions that reward them and make certain that players are aware that their continued to support has been noticed and is appreciated
  • Juicy jackpots that are certain to change players’ lives
  • State-of-the-art security that guarantees the safety of players’ personal and financial information in the face of the ever-present threat of identity theft
  • A good array of US-friendly banking options that allow players to easily conclude their deposit and withdrawal processes

Real Money Online Casino Licensing and Regulation

Many online gamblers playing at roulette casinos Canada express concern as to the legitimacy of real money online casino sites offering players from this side of the world a chance to enjoy games, and the short answer is that they are.  Properly reviewed casinos that have ended up being recommended by comparison sites are all internationally regulated and licensed, and kept on the straight and narrow by the laws governing this online market in jurisdictions like the Kahnawake Gaming Commission in Canada.

As long as US players ensure they stick to real money online casino sites that have been put through the wringer in terms of passing the criteria necessary in order to make the site a recommended one, they are able to make sure that they engage in fair play only. US-friendly sites will be audited strictly, and totally independently, by reputable third parties that demand that the very highest standards of security and operations are maintained at all times.

Real Money Casino Online Sites for US Players

Players from the United States of America are able to enjoy the largest welcome bonuses; most secure banking options; greatest selections of state-of-the-art games; and fastest withdrawals at real money casino online sites, and many online gamblers from across this great country are taking advantage of this fact each and every day of the year.

Casino comparison sites help players find their best fit, and a first-rate real money gambling experience is guaranteed to those who put this type of advice to use when they head out into the Wild Wild West of the World Wide Web.

Any US-friendly real money casino online site that manages to get through onto a list of recommended places to play published by a good comparison site will have been put through its paces, and will have been required to pass a series of tests and checks that expert gamblers along with accredited third-party organizations like eCOGRA will have put them through. This is very helpful for players from this country, as it means that they can look forward to:

  • Guaranteed game safety and fairness, since it is the job of auditors like eCOGRA to ensure that this is in place
  • Hassle-free sign up processes
  • Fast payouts of any winnings incurred
  • First-rate customer service
  • User-friendly casino game software jam-packed with excellent titles that will function on both smartphone and more stationary machines

Safe Real Money Casino Online Sites in the USA

One of the wonders of real money casino online gambling is the degree of transparency required from those who elect to do so, and for this reason unscrupulous operators and fly-by-night organizations are largely a thing of the past. Players are able to instantly give and receive feedback, and unscrupulous operations have a very short life-span thanks to this fact.

Tips for Safer, More Secure Play

The main job of the prospective player from the United States of America interested in enjoying real money casino online fun is that he or she does the proper amount of research required in order to ensure that they are limiting their interaction with only real money casino online sites that have passed the tests required in order to ensure a long and happy online presence. Players will be required to share very personal financial information with these sites, and first checking that the place to play has all its ducks in a row is absolutely essential.

Unfortunately, the Average Joe Aristocrat pokies online has neither the time; resources; nor know-how to be able to conduct the various required checks independently, and for this reason casino comparison sites are worth their weight in the real money wins that players who make use of them can look forward to.

Players are able to put their head in the roulette; craps; baccarat; or slots game in front of them rather than fret about identity theft, and the tips; hints; strategies and advice available from gamblers with a long history of experience in both online and land-based gambling will prove invaluable in the long-run.

Playing Real Casino Slots Online for Real Money

The slot machines, whether at a brick and mortar casino or an online one, are the bulk of any general casinos entertainment menu. Far and away the most popular of all casino games, the slots are often also the first choice when real casino slots are played online for real money.

With this amount of attention and money being spent on them, it is quite clear why the biggest players in the casino software industry have put so much emphasis on the continued development of slots games. Naturally this has inevitably to an ever greater accent on improvements to slots games in general.

Every new game coming out these days is ever more fun to play, with better animations, themes, symbols and second screen games.

High Development Rate in Slots Games

Real casino slots games, played online for real money are developed each year. Some of the games are based on movies or comic book characters, some on fairy tales or popular fables, and some entirely original and created from scratch. A large proportion of the games have 3D graphics, surprising music scores and interactive bonus games.

The fruit machines from the USA of old, that were played using a handle and with mechanical reels, have evolved into a huge digital industry of high sophistication and variation. Nowhere is this more evident than with real casino slots, and the opportunity that is available nowadays of playing online and being able to win real money.

Playing With Real Money

The reason real money is mentioned is because playing for real money is the very essence of slots play. The possibility of winning large jackpots for very small investments is very core of the appeal. So it is actually self-evident that to experience this, real money must be on the line like with most games of online blackjack Canada. There is, however, a wide range of real money options in slots games and the settings can easily be varied to range from penny-slot play to proper high roller excitement.

In the midst of all this real casino slots playing for real money, the online casinos make things even more alluring with bonuses and free games, as well as offers of multiplying the wager placed, and possibly progressive jackpots.  All online casino sites catering to the USA market will offer a large variety of entertaining slots games, most of which will include at least one bonus game where additional pay-outs can be won. These pay-outs can sometimes take the form of free spins or free games awarded as a prize.

Real Casino Slots Variance

The quality and mode of gameplay is aimed at mimicking the slots games offered at land based casinos in the USA. The range of bonuses offered to players, especially new players, can be very rewarding, and allow games to be played for a while before spending real money.

Real casino slots played online with real money obey the classic slots game odds and therefore should be played with the highest possible return. The principle is that the more money the player stakes on the spin, the bigger the jackpot is. But the increase is greater than simple proportion, and the winning statistics indicate the best value is achieved with all possible pay lines activated at the very least.

The Real Casino Play Online for Real Money Paradox

The fact is, real casino online play for real money provides an exciting adventure. Players are highly attracted to the breath-taking casino games and the fact that they can be played anywhere and anytime online with most smart phones or mobile devices.

Players can enjoy their pet casino game online or, with their mobile device, for real money, completely at their own convenience, and thereby enjoy a level of freedom that simply has to be appreciated to be believed.

Real casino games online, that are played for real money stakes have become popular for the most part due to online, and then mobile access. So now players can receive the a full, rich gaming experience of real casinos, a game experience that includes all the classic casino attractions. With all the development and advances in the technical and marketing fields, now there is the opportunity to play for real money in a risk-free environment.

The Risk Free Way to Get Going

Many casinos at the moment offer players real casino online gameplay for real money but without the risk. As an incentive to encourage players wanting to play for real money to be able to do so without putting their own money on the line, casinos offer a range of bonuses and benefits such as welcome and no deposit offers. Players actually have the opportunity of trying out the casino before making a deposit and taking any risk.

There is much choice amongst the various mobile casinos, so players should give themselves time to compare the various options, as well as the various terms and conditions. Most casinos will have play-through rules and wagering requirements attached to their real money bonuses.

Bonus Codes and Bonus Offers

Part of the welcome package to new players, real casino offers of online slots for real money becomes available to the player as soon as they have registered at the casino. A bonus code is often provided in order to access no deposit bonuses, but since they are so worthwhile, this is a minor obstacle.

Casino bonuses are provided in one of two forms, and players access them either as a set amount of casino money provided and can be spent on any selection of games, or, as a set number of free spins on one specific game. Essentially the same, because any winnings accrued from the free spins can then be used to play other games too. This is a generally accepted marketing technique to attract players. Casinos will also provide substantial loyalty bonuses, or casino points.

The Normal Restrictions

There are always going to be certain restrictions at real casino online play for real money when players are using the highly attractive bonuses aim to convert the winnings into cash. These restrictions, referred to as the wagering requirements, are in point of fact just minimum levels of game play and betting amounts that need to be met within the set time limits. A different number at all casinos, this means that the entire bonus value has to be played a prescribed number of times before any winnings can be withdrawn to the player’s bank account.

Nevertheless, the very existence of a real casino online site for real money available to the USA means that new casino players have the opportunity to win real money on a full range of casino games. Players get to experience the excitement of real casino play, right on the go, and they can play for real money in a risk-free environment.

Sunny Beach Themed Crazy Chameleons Online Slot

This is a rather bizarre theme given the title of this Crazy Chameleons slot game. The theme on the reels is that of a sunny beach and players will as such be greeted by all manner of associated imagery with a scene such as this.

This particular game is developed by Microgaming and as such comes equipped with a fairly extensive graphical design, even though the reels of this slot game are intrinsically related to a more classical setup. In terms of colour this slot game has a lot of it, and due to the fact that the reels of this game take up the entirety of the game screen the colours do make for some rather languid spinning.

Fundamentally though this Crazy Chameleons slot game is rather on the basic side regarding setup and gameplay at the least and so players will find the game easy to setup and play but without any of the more ostentatious winning possibilities. There are 5 reels to this game, all laden with varieties of beach associated imagery and with just 5 pay lines running across these reels. On the side of bonuses this slot game has none but there are a few jackpots to scoop up and the gameplay itself is fluid and rather fun.

Heading to the Beach with this Theme

Though the title of this Microgaming slot game is Crazy Chameleons there is only the one colour changing lizard on the reels, for the rest it is sunny skies and warm beach sand. The relation of the title of this slot game and the theme that is present on the reels is a rather difficult one to place, however the result is quite a fun one and the display providing this quite adept so the correlation between theme and title does seem less and less important by the minute. The reels, sound effects and of course symbols all take a part in creating this beach style of theme and the result is that players will immediately be able to tell just what is being presented to them in this online slots Australia entitled Crazy Chameleons.

On the symbols side of things there are a range of rather friendly looking icons appearing on the 5 reels associated with this online Crazy Chameleons slot game. These symbols include the likes of smiling suns, seagulls, and even some swim trunks. Of course the titular character involved does make an appearance on the reels, grinning wildly from ear to ear. Overall this slot game presents a fun and light hearted platform through which the players can get a shot at a few jackpots along the way.

No Bonuses but some Jackpots Involved

There are unfortunately no bonuses linked up with this game from Microgaming, which is a rather strange style for this developer. As such though this Crazy Chameleons slot game incorporates some decent jackpots for the players and so once they open the game, sort out the setup by arranging the betting options they want, they can then jump right in and start to reel off those bigger winning possibilities inexorably tied to this online slot game.

Ultra Fresh Slot

Ultra Fresh slot is a classic online slot which is easy to play and gets straight to the main point of the game. The classic slots are reminiscent of land based casinos and will appeal to those players who enjoy the feel of classic casino slots that can be played in a land based casino.  The advantage of having these online is that they can now be enjoyed by all players.

Classic Symbols

Ultra Fresh slot is an online slot from gaming providers Endorphina and they have taken this classic slot and added a modern twist to it. This game is all about fruit and the gameplay is fast and action packed.

The reels are set against a green background with circular shapes and the symbols are bright and colourful. The reels are yellow and with Ultra Fresh slot there are some animations on the reels during a win and a catchy track plays in the background with sound effects as the reels spin.  The Ultra Fresh slot symbols include the lucky number 7, stars, the bar symbols, melons, lemons, strawberries, grapes and cherries.

How to Play

The gameplay is easy to follow and there are no complicated rules to learn.  To begin playing Ultra Fresh slot players must first select a coin value by clicking on the button which can be found at the top left corner of the screen.  The minimum bet is 0.01 and the maximum bet is 5 credits for each coin.  The next step is to select how many paylines to play with and this can be chosen by clicking on the lines button.  Players can choose to play with a minimum of 1 payline up to a maximum of 5 across the 3 reels.  The last step is to select how many coins to bet per payline and this is done by clicking on the bet button at the right hand bottom corner of the screen.  Once players have selected their bet they can now click on the spin button which will start the game by spinning the reels.

Rules of the Game

In order to receive a win players must have combinations of a kind.  The combinations must be of symbols adjacent to one another on active paylines and all wins will pay out from left to right.  Only the highest win will be paid out on an active payline and all the wins from the different paylines will be added together.

Risk Game

Ultra Fresh slot has a gamble option or risk game and this gives players the opportunity to increase their wins.  There is the chance that players can double up their wins by up to 10 times.  To win this game players must attempt to beat the dealer’s card by choosing one of the face down playing cards.

There are 4 cards to choose from and they can either be of a higher or lower value than the dealer’s card.  These cards may also be repeated.  If players choose a card that has the same value the game is a draw and the win will stay the same and players can gamble again.  The risk game is optional and players can choose to collect their real money online pokies winnings by clicking on the take win button.  If the dealer wins the round players will lose all of their winnings and the game will end.

Endorphina Software has succeeded in taking a classic slot game and giving it a modern look which will appeal to all players and gives players the chance for extra wins with the risk game.

Enjoy Playing Animal Themed Online Slots

Online gaming is a journey that pulls players off their seats, into the screens of their devices and out into a fun virtual gaming world. So why not make this virtual journey wilder and more exotic by adding animal themed online slots into the virtual mix which feature wildlife, birdlife and marine animal icons and reels adorned with untamed habitat motifs.

Slot fanatics can journey straight into the bug-infested jungle with jungle themed reels; roam the bushes of the African landscape in a safari slot game; enjoy comfort and closeness with pet-themed slots; and meet animals you’ve never met before at a virtual zoo slot game. The love for animals never dies and neither will a player’s love for these themed slots, with new gaming releases making the heart grow bigger and old gaming titles still crawling into player’s hearts every time they venture into the virtual nature of animal themed online slots. With these slots, the online gambling world just got that much wilder…

A New Breed Of Gaming

Whether domestically or in the wild, animals can be categorised in terms of their breed and the strength or weakness of that breed within the animal kingdom. Online pokies Australia games can also be categorised just the same, with slots ranking high in the gaming kingdom, and animal themed online slots ranking as the most popular breed of slot machine.

Top gaming developers have created the best animal themed slots which feature the latest in gaming software and technology, making these online slots the king of the gaming jungle. Graphics and sound effects are more realistic and true to the subject matter, while the seamless, innovative storylines and in-game features and overall gaming experience really promises a roaring good time for players who came out of their den to run wild online with the betting wolves.

As Varied As The Animal Kingdom Itself

From three to five reels, 1 payline to hundreds of paylines, animal themed online slots sport as many themes and gaming options as there are animals in the animal kingdom. Play for free or for real money, and play instantly online using Flash or download the game and play on a device. As a sought-after theme for slot developers, slots of this nature are decorated with either one or many animals, whether marine animals, birdlife or those that hunt the earth on the ground, not forgetting those creepy crawlies which also make their insect-appearance on the reels. Animal themed online slots also feature different landscapes and animal habitats as backgrounds, really bringing the animal theme to life.

Hunt For Your Favourites

Hunting for the best in animal-themed slots is easy with the following recommendations provided for you.

Mega Moolah by Microgaming is perfect for the slot fan that just loves African wildlife.  Not only does this slot feature monkeys, lions and elephants, among other majestic animals, but it also features the largest progressive jackpots in the online gaming arena. Another slot game of the animal kind is the wild Microgaming creation called Untamed. There are 243 ways to win with these majestic creature-covered reels, with each spin revealing the Bengal tiger and Giant Panda, among others mysteries animals.

Native America is the theme of another recommended animal themed slot, and it’s recommended as it features large payouts, beautiful wolf symbols and imagery, stacked wilds and a fun bonus game. For more animal fun, try out Safari Slots, Dolphin King Slots and The Adventures of Galactic Gopher Slot.

Amusement City Casino In Ireland

Amusement City Casino in Ireland is a state of the art hotel and casino establishment. It is most well known for being an almost entirely electronic based gambling facility, using touch screen technology and advanced networking systems for the majority of its games. Even the roulette wheels require no interaction from casino staff, operating entirely by themselves from the moment customers sit at the table.

This amazing and innovative system blends well with the establishment’s sleek, ultra-modern décor and design, creating an atmosphere straight out of a science fiction novel set a hundred yeas into the future. Guests will also be treated to first class service at the various cafes and restaurants, which, it should be noted, are some of the few facilities in the casino not completely automated. Food cannot deliver itself to a table, after all. Amusement City Casino in Ireland is open now and ready to accept guests. Be sure to make reservations via the casino website, which operates twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.

Award Winning Electronic Wonderland

Amusement City Casino in Ireland has received multiple awards for its incredible automated design, with many guests visiting simply to witness what is considered to be a groundbreaking achievement. True, some mobile casino NZ game players enjoy a bit of chatting with human croupiers, but Amusement City is focused instead on delivering the most cutting edge casino experience it can, which means out with the humans, in with the computers.

The casino floor and cafes are also alive with numerous large screen plasma televisions, which may have their channels changed by casino guests as they fit. This means that from sports, to live betting, to the five o’clock news, whatever guests want to see the televisions will show.

Luxury Meets Excellence

But it’s not just the electronic innovations that make Amusement City Casino in Ireland a unique establishment. The selections offered at the local cafes and restaurants are made up of some of the finest gourmet dishes in the world, including a full range of exquisite coffees, teas, and wines. Best of all, guests do not even have to abandon their game to enjoy fine dining. Many of the gambling tables are designed so that a guest may enjoy a light meal while continuing their game.

Membership Perks

Amusement City Casino in Ireland treats all its guests like royalty, but that doesn’t mean that special perks are not available for casino members. The loyalty program, available to join via the link on the website, provides plenty of reason to keep visiting again and again. The exclusive VIP lounge will become available, as well as bonuses, special promotional deals, and plenty of other added extras. Please keep in mind that valid proof of identification will be required to finalise the membership process. Also keep in mind that VIP membership is required to be renewed on a yearly basis, but proof of identification is required only upon initially joining. For more information please contact the customer support centre via telephone or email.